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Please follow the Feedback Suggestion Format for feedback in order to troubleshoot and fix the problem!

# Feedback method

# Feedback Format

If you respond according to the following requirements, it will generally be processed within 24 hours.

# Submit BUGg

  • Please confirm before submitting BUG:
    1. The script has been updated to the latest version before submitting the bug but it is not resolved.
    2. Before submitting a BUG, please confirm that you have checked FAQ, Github issues (opens new window) but have not been resolved.
  • Please provide the following information when submitting a bug:
    1. The browser and script manager. Example: Environment: Chrome + Tampermonkey
    2. It is best to provide a specific URL for the site where the error occurred. Example: URL: https://gamehag.com/giveaway/918
    3. Error information and screenshots, including: error popup (if any); error code in the log at the bottom right corner (if any); console details (preferably provided).

# New feature request

  • Request support for new website
    1. Provide website URL and giveaway page URL, please confirm that there is at least one available giveaway page
    2. After seeing here, we will observe for about a month. If the frequency of donating Keys is low, no support will be added.
  • Request to add new features
    1. Propose new features and which website to add new features to
    2. Please make sure that there are tasks that require this feature