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# Common Problems

# Q1: Clicking the button does not do the task but shows that all tasks are completed

A1: This script identifies the task type by the task name, so please make sure that the web page language is the default language (usually English), and do not use translation plugins for translation.

For more issues, please see Github issues (opens new window)

# Common error codes

# 401

Authentication failed. Please check if you have logged in to the corresponding website.

# 500, 501, 502

Server error is usually caused by a problem with the website's server, which can be accessed after a period of time.

# 601

The request timed out, please check whether the network is smooth.

# 602

The request has been cancelled, and this problem generally does not occur.

# 603

There is an error in the request, please check whether the network is unblocked, if the network is ok, please feedback.